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Gush Katif Evacuees Suffer From Higher Rates of Depression, Disease

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Eleven years ago, the Israeli government forcefully removed nearly 10,000 Israeli citizens from 21 neighborhoods in the southern region of the country with hopes that this act would bring peace to the region. At the time, Gush Katif was a thriving farming region with significant exports of fruits, vegetables and

Israeli Hero’s Family Drowning in Debt

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News On March 29, 2002, 18-year-old female suicide bomber Ayat al-Akhras blew herself up at the entrance to a supermarket in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat HaYovel. Due to the heroism of 55-year-old Haim Smadar, only he and one other victim were murdered. Today, the Smadar family is drowning in debt.

Israel Still Suffers Effects of Gaza Strip Expulsion, 11 Years Later

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Eleven years ago, 2,000 families had their lives uprooted by the Israeli government when they were expelled from Gush Katif in southern Israel and the northern Shomron. “Karmey Chesed has always held that it is a national responsibility to help Gush Katif refugees,” explained Aryeh Weingarten, Founder of Karmey Chesed, to

Leaving Behind a Legacy by Helping Thousands

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Steven Grable, an American Christian war veteran, has a big heart for Israel and the Jewish people. He recently contacted Karmey Chesed, a small Israel-based charity known for its big heart, in order to include the organization in his will. Click here for the full article.

Destitute Ethiopian Mother Saved by Caring Organization True to its Word

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Since the mass immigration of Ethiopians to Israel started in 1984 with Operation Moses, the Holy Land has been faced with the enormous challenge of integrating these Jews. Click here for the full article.

A Miracle Meeting Saved This Sick Child

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Having a sick child is devastating. Maintaining a large family while caring for a sick child can put anyone over the edge. Click here for the full article.

Desperate for Savior, Ethiopian Soldier Turns to Karmey Chesed for Salvation

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Twenty-three year old Moshe Solomon (pseudonym) carries the weight of his large family on his shoulders. Originally from Ethiopia, he is one of six children, all of whom live with their single mother. “We moved to Israel in 2002,” he told Breaking Israel News. “But our father stayed in Ethiopia and we

Israel: Low in Income, High in Happiness

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Following the latest report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in which Israel ranked low in income and high in poverty, it might come as a surprise that, once again, general satisfaction from its citizens also received a high score. “Israel has a built-in sense of community,”

How a Broken Refrigerator Turned Their Lives Upside Down

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Miriam Cohen did not know what else to do to help her struggling family. The Israeli mother of nine children was living in squalor and drowning in debt. Click here for the full article.

Saying “I Do” to a Groom in Need

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News The joyful feeling before a wedding is usually contagious. However, for people struggling to make ends meet, or those with no family to rely on for help and support, greeting this special day with a smile is difficult. Shraga, a soldier in the Israeli army, was faced with just that