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Karmey Chesed Fulfills 12th Century Charity Teaching

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News When the phone rings or a text message is delivered to Karmey Chesed, an Israel-based, full service charity organization, staff jumps into gear to do whatever they can to help. With its innovative programs aimed at assisting as many needy people as possible, Karmey Chesed’s good name is spreading throughout

Small Charity Makes a Big Difference for One Lone IDF Soldier

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Those who have experienced the work and dedication of Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, a small, Israel-based charity organization with a big heart, state that he is an amazing man who does all that he can to help those in need. “When someone asks for help, how can I

Needy Israeli Soldiers Grateful for the Generous Help of Karmey Chesed

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News When we think of Israeli soldiers, we tend to think of brave warriors fighting in the field. However, for lone soldiers (immigrants to Israel without family in the country), soldiers from dysfunctional or poverty-stricken homes or those estranged from their families, their battles are also fought for day-to-day survival. That

Helping Wherever Help is Needed, One Israeli Charity is Working Around the Clock to Support the Needy

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News With Israel’s latest National Insurance Institute finding that 1.7 million Israeli citizens live below the poverty line, expecting that an individual can make a difference to someone’s life of hardship might seem an impossibility. Yet, for Aryeh Weingarten, Director of the Karmey Chesed charity organization, working around-the-clock to provide for

IDF Soldier Living in Squalor Receives Life Changing Help

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News Following two mass immigrations from Ethiopia to Israel in 1984 and 1991, and a continuous flow of smaller groups since then, the gap between thriving Ethiopians compared to the general Israeli population has repeatedly made front page media reports. The good news is that the second generation of Ethiopian Israelis

Karmey Chesed Helps Terror Victims Battling Emotional Demons

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News One of the many charitable activities in which the Israeli organization Karmey Chesed is involved is helping victims of terror attacks. The organization doesn’t help only the victims of recent attacks, but provides ongoing assistance, both financial and material, to victims of past terror battling emotional demons as a result

In Difficult Times, Karmey Chesed Steps in to Make Newlywed Couples in Israel Feel at Home With Dignity

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News Amid the continuing escalation of terror attacks perpetrated by Palestinian assailants against Israelis, Karmey Chesed is stepping in to make sure that newlywed couples have what they need to begin their new life together properly. “With the painful and tough security situation that is going on today, a little bit

Ray of Light Amidst the Darkness: Struggling Newlywed Couple in Israel Receive Peace of Mind

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News As the number of terror attacks against Israelis across the country continues to climb, it is very difficult to find a ray of light amidst the pain that many feel as a result of these attacks. Karmey Chesed is working to change that by diverting whatever resources are available to

Karmey Chesed Helps Post-Army IDF Soldiers Build Civilian Lives

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News As mandatory military service in the IDF winds down, many soldiers worry about readjusting to a non-military life in which, for perhaps the first time, young men and women must stand on their own feet. Israeli charity organization Karmey Chesed has begun a new program to help veteran soldiers, newly

As Terror Rises, The Plight of the Poor Worsens

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News In the face of ongoing and escalating terror in Judea and Samaria, Karmey Chesed is reaching out to help those who have been hardest hit financially. As terror rises across the country, it has become much harder, especially for those who entered into this recent wave of terror in financial