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Charity Organization In Israel Nullifies All Debts in Observance of Shmittah

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News As the shmittah year comes to a close, one of the most prominent charity organizations in Israel is observing a rare biblical commandment to nullify debts. Karmey Chesed, an organization which lends money to individuals who come from low income backgrounds, or who have fallen on hard times, will be

Charity Organization Allows Farmers to Observe Shmittah Without Financial Loss

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News With the end of the shmittah (sabbatical) year, Karmey Chesed is making a special effort to help farmers who are having financial difficulties as a result of keeping the biblical laws of shmittah. The shmittah year can be a trying one for farmers in Israel who desire to adhere to

Karmey Chesed Helps Destitute Family Keep Hope Alive

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News Karmey Chesed has begun a crowdfunding campaign to help a destitute Jewish family living in Israel. The campaign, which uses a pseudonym to protect the privacy of the family, is not something that the organization does for every family that they help. Due to their dire need, this family has

Repairing the Wounds of Gush Katif Through “God’s Work”

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News Ten years ago, the government of Israel made a unilateral decision, now widely criticized, to disengage from the Gaza Strip, forcing approximately 9,000 Jews to leave their homes with the intention of calming tensions in the Gaza area and giving Palestinians a place of their own. The move has since

Victims of the Peace Process: Gush Katif 10 Years Later

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News For many former Gush Katif residents, the day of the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, 10 years ago next month, was the day they lost all faith and trust in the Israeli government. “There’s a lot of bitterness” remaining, said Oreet Segal, a former resident of the Gush Katif community

A Decade Later, Gush Katif Evacuees Still Struggling to Rebuild Their Lives

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News Ten years after the Israeli disengagement from Gaza, thousands of former Gush Katif residents are still struggling to rebuild their lives. Gush Katif, which was a bloc made up of 21 Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip, was evacuated as part of the 2005 Israeli disengagement plan from Gaza, intended

Giving a Future to At-Risk-Youth in Israel

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News The statement “Our children are our future” is not one that is foreign to most people. In Israel, extra care is placed upon the next generation in almost every aspect of society, from interior infrastructure, to unique laws providing free daycare for all children up to age three. So why

3,000 Children in Need from Israel to Gather in Unique Lag B’Omer Event

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News There are many children who live in need throughout Israel. What is worse is that many of them don’t have to. Among the children who are most in need are those whose families were expelled from Gush Katif in 2005. Families who were productive, self supporting and contributing members to

On Passover, Who Will Feed Israel’s Poor?

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News As the holiday of Passover quickly approaches, one of the important aspects of the holiday is to fulfill the biblical commandment of giving charity so that the poorer among the nation of Israel may have enough means to purchase all of the food they need for the holiday. The Bible

Purim Miracles Happening Now in Israel

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News Shlomo Yarimi of Yad Binyamin, a small town along Israel’s coastal plain, runs an organization handing out free food and used furniture to those in need. Yarimi’s gemach, or benefit society, was originally founded in Gush Katif prior to the disengagement in 2005. When forced from the area, Shlomo Yarimi’s